Respite is a world of seven major nations and a diverse set of species and cultures. Here is a guide to some of the people that live there.

The people known as Tin are long of ear and long of leg, and thought to have originated in the Moonlands. The Tin tend to live underground in burrow-like structures, and have pyrokinetic abilities. As such, they can often be found working near fire pits, forges, and ovens. Tin society values energy and enthusiasm, and Tin are often at the forefront of technological innovation. “Cool” Khar Cova is a Tin.

Elves are humanoid beings who can be distinguished from humans by their pointed ears. Elven magic is focused on courtesy and smoothening social bumps, which can make them popular diplomats and merchants. This cultural focus has mixed reviews in some societies; while social harmony is pleasant, some individuals view conflict or airing of grievances as cathartic and necessary for progress and healing. Elves are thought to have originated in the Tidelands. Tyrest Lopez is an Elf, and he just wants us to get along.

Hime are humanoids that lack noses and have one large eye in the middle of their faces. Sticklers by nature, Hime culture favors rules and tends to be methodical and interested in doing things the “right way.” Hime magic is focused around systems, rules, and routines, and they are well suited for roles that are predictable and enable them to keep others focused and on task. Hime are thought to have originated in the Moonlands. Ms. Mun is a Hime, and she does not make mistakes.

Neri are amphibious humanoids that resemble humans with magical shell structures on their backs. These shells are gateways to small pocket dimensions large enough for individuals to enter. Initially, only a Neri can enter its own shellspace, but as a Neri and its bonds with other beings grow, the shellspace grows and can let others in as well. Neri that are sufficiently close can even travel between each other’s shellspaces. Neri are thought to have originated in the Tidelands, but their shell abilities means they are able to travel rapidly throughout the land. They are generally found in coastal areas where they can easily replace shells that have grown too tight. Zephyr Ladino, the new Biblionomic, is a Neri.

Satyne are bipedal horned humanoids who lead relatively quiet lifestyles. They are intensely telepathic. While telepathic communication is second nature amongst the Satyne themselves, this sense is unfamiliar to the rest of Respite. Satyne can detect the surface-level thoughts and feelings of non- Satyne, and the resultant mental noise and awkwardness means they tend to shy away from densely populated areas and stick to their own kind. Satyne originated on an Icelands island known as Solitude, and most of their population still lives there. Angel Quispe and Selena Chavez are Satyne, and have their own slightly isolated dorm rooms as an accommodation.

Veneche are a brightly-colored froglike species that are gifted swimmers and climbers. Veneche coloration can vary wildly, but often makes them very difficult to spot in jungle environments. Their natural camouflage and athletic abilities make them excellent spies and assassins. Additionally, Veneche skin secrets a magical essence that, when brewed into a potion, can provide limited glimpses of the future. Brewing a Veneche’s skin potion is a cultural rite of passage. Veneche are thought to have originated in the Sunlands, but are found in humid environments all over Respite. Nyx and Pyx, the colorful Vera twins, are Veneche.

Yumbics are small, white-haired and fair-skinned humanoids that stand roughly one third human height. Yumbic culture prizes hospitality and many Yumbics are model hosts, finding places as innkeepers, chefs, and tourguides. Yumbics can talk to Respite itself and interact with a variety of ethereal entities that many others are unaware of. Yumbics are thought to have originated in the Grasslands. Poor homesick Pablo Ramon is a member of the Yumbic species.

Stoneborn are tall, broad, bipedal humanoids that come in a variety of stonelike textures and colors. Stoneborn tend to match the architecture of the city or area in which they dwell. Generally found in urban environments, Stoneborn have a cultural affinity for industry due to their great strength and comfort working with engineering materials. In addition, Stoneborn display some terrakinetic abilities. Stoneborn are thought to have originated in the Icelands. Dulcibella Florenzia is a Stoneborn with a tiara that her daddy got her because she turned 12.

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