Meet the Nomics.

Character Profiles Maya

Maya Shale is the Secunomic, the Nomic of Protection. Maya is a half-Human, half-Alic who loves nature almost as much as she hates shoes. Effortlessly cool and sporty, Maya is a tough action hero who’s always keeping an eye on her friends. The trouble is other people have an eye on her friends too…

Character Profiles Izzy

Izzy Quilla is the Chicanomic, the Trickster Nomic. Izzy is a Werejaguar, which means she is equally comfortable appearing as a child or as a fiercely adorable jungle cub. Izzy isn’t too sure about this Nomic thing, especially considering people seem to mistrust the Chicanomic. Izzy’s always been a playful prankster — can a jaguar change its spots?

Character Profiles Brennan

Brennan Bravo is the Bellinomic, the Nomic of War, and he isn’t any happier about it than you are. Having grown up on Evolution Island, the top Nomic Academy in the Sunlands, Brennan always knew he’d be a part of the Nomic Cycle some day, but he never thought he’d end up as this one. Brennan doesn’t think war and violence suit him, but the glowing magical arm newly bonded to him has other ideas…

Character Profiles Manik

Manik and Monochrome Mitra are the Scrutinomic, the Detective Nomic. Manik and Monochrome are a Devic; one soul in two bodies. Manik is a blue-skinned humanoid being who loves climbing trees with his other half, the spunky tuxedo tamarin Monochrome. This dynamic duo can’t wait to show Respite what the new Scrutinomic is made of. Their teachers feel Respite could stand to wait a little longer.